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Quanta products such as Harmony are sold as SaaS (Software as a Service). This means that all the costs involved in setting up, hosting, servicing and maintaining the system are amortised into single monthly ‘per user’ price.

We provide a dedicated server with connected database, a physical location in our Tier 3 data centre, bandwidth, professional support and level 1 SLAs – all included in the monthly price.

Pricing for Harmony is flexible and scalable, and is based on per-user, per-month licensing. Discounts are available for two or three year contracts. There are no minimum or maximum limits to the number of users you can have, and no ‘blocks’ of licenses – just buy what you need, taking advantage of price discounts for volume.

Harmony pays for itself

Harmony’s integrated set of processes for managing supplier risk saves time and money. On average, our clients save the cost of one person per year by using Harmony, and save the equivalent of ten weeks per year in time on their third party assurance projects. Harmony pays for itself.

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